Chill at the Hill

Middle School & High School Youth Retreat
Dates: February 25-27, 2022
Ages: 13-18
Cost: $150
Drop off: Friday 8:00 PM at Camp
Pick up: Sunday 3:00 PM at Camp

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Chill at the Hill is a weekend retreat for teens to enjoy what they love most about summer camp…but in the winter! The weekend includes Bible teaching, camp-type activities, group games, fellowship, and great food— all with the added bonus of a smaller group atmosphere.

Our campers love this weekend as a reminder of who they are in Christ from the Bible based chapels, devotions, and times to engage our Bible school students who help lead the cabins and special activities.

So if you can’t wait for summer, sign up and join us for Chill at the Hill!


Activities and Amenities

The Hilltop provides awesome group related activities for campers to participate in such as: sand volleyball, tennis courts (used for either tennis or soccer), basketball courts, and fields for lawn games or other recreational sports to be played.

Depending on the schedule and the weather the tower, river activities, and low elements area are also available for us throughout the weekend.

Campers who have been here in the summer will be familiar with the cabin style housing we provide half a mile away from the hilltop. One of our permanent staff bus drivers will shuttle campers and staff mornings and evenings back to camp where campers stay at night. Included at camp are showers, recreational games, and a fire pit.

Our highly personable and energetic Bible school students are the ones who make Chill at the Hill so special. They are split into different groups from counseling, leading special activities, event planning, photography, and organization. These students are all 18 years and older and either have previous experience working with youth or currently have the desire to lead youth in a Christlike way.

Chapel and Devotions
Campers will have a total of four chapel sessions scattered throughout the weekend led by the permanent His Hill Staff. All chapels are Christ centered with Bibles open as we unpack the glory of Christ living in us and our hope being found in Him! Chapels are followed by four devotions in Scripture led by our counselors. These are more intimate settings where small groups can be vulnerable and share more personally what the Lord is laying on their hearts.



8:00 – 9:00 PM – Registration / Arrival
9:15 PM – Chapel / Devotion
10:20 PM – Special Activity 1
11:00 PM – Lights Out

8:15 AM – Rise and Shine
9:30 AM – Breakfast
10:00 AM – Chapel Session / Devotion
11:30 AM – Special Activity 2
1:00 PM – Lunch
1:35 PM – Special Activity 3
4:00 PM – Special Activity 4
5:30 PM – Dinner
6:15 PM – Chapel Session / Devotion
8:00 PM – Special Activity 5
10:30 PM – Lights Out

9:00 AM – Chapel Session / Devotion
10:15 AM – Big Brunch
12:00 PM – Personal Reflection Time
1:30 PM – Special Activity 6
3:00 PM – Camper Pick Up