Our Counselors

A distinguishing mark of His Hill is our counseling and support staff. The majority of our summer volunteers have already spent nine months with us in our Bible School discipleship program or at another Torchbearers Center. Rather than recruiting at college campuses, we know who we’re hiring on a personal level. Furthermore, as volunteers our staff are not here for the money—they truly desire to teach your kids about Jesus Christ.

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Abby is from Ontario, Canada! She can’t wait to serve as a counselor this summer and see the Lord at work! Abby just completed her first year of Bible School at His Hill and is ready to put into action what she’s been learning the last nine months. Abby loves being outside at the beach, camping, or going for a hike. Some of her other favorite things include playing hockey, sipping chilled coffee, watching sunsets, and polaroids.



Ander is from St. Augustine, Florida! He loves the beach, loafing in the Florida sun, playing basketball, and sporting pit vipers. Ander is hyped for this summer season and is ready to apply what he has learned this last school year at His Hill for camp. Ander will be returning to His Hill in the fall to do a second year to learn more about God’s word and savor even more Texas BBQ.



Ben is from a small town in Iowa. He likes cars, motorcycles or anything with a motor. He enjoys being out in God’s creation doing pretty much anything as long as it’s outside. Ben just finished His second year of Bible school here at the Hill and can’t wait to hangout with the kids this summer and share what Christ has done and taught Him. If you need to find him this summer, look for red, white, blue and American flag garb.



Brandt is from southern Alberta, Canada! He enjoys skiing, rugby, and that morning brew. Brandt is excited to share Christ with the campers and apply what he has learned during this last year of Bible school. If you need to find him this summer, you can find him firing guns down at the range and shooting his bow and arrow behind his back like Robin Hood. Brandt likes sporting backwards baseball caps, chilled caramel lattes, and soaring down back country roads on his motor bike.



Caleb hails from Tillsonburg, Ontario! He enjoys surfing, bananas, and Toes on the Nose. He is Chief of Tower and is proud of it! Caleb just finished his second year at His Hill and is excited to take part in another camp season. He is chuffed to share the reality of Christ being your life to the campers this summer and see the Lord work in and through him. If you need to find Caleb, look for yellow crocs and long strawberry blonde hair.



Carys is from Saskatchewan, Canada! She loves shooting hoops with people under five feet tall and sipping on coffee with people of all heights. Carys was a student at His HIll this last year and is excited to apply what she’s learned during this camp season. She can’t wait for camp to lifeguard and care for the campers and summer staff! If you need to find her this summer, look for the coolest set of braids on campus and it will most likely be her.



Christian is from Breaux Bridge, Louisiana (aka the swamp)! He loves music, specifically Toby Mac tunes. He enjoys outdoor things like camping, fishing, hunting, and snacking on crawfish. He is excited to have time to talk to kids and tell them about the Lord this camp season. If you need to find him this summer, you can probably catch him gaping at the sunsets and doing the zydeco dance whenever time allows.



Hannah is from Austria! She just finished her first year at His Hill and is delighted to be serving as a counselor this summer. Hannah is excited to see Christ working in the kids and staff this camp season! Hannah likes flowers, stargazing, and puffy clouds. If you need to find Hannah this summer, you can find her nailing the targets at archery (bulls eye everytime). One of her favorite quotes from William Shakespeare is “Though she be but little, she is fierce.”



Jaden is from the sunflower state (aka Kansas)! She is always down for a good sports competition, long walks, or a workout! She loves getting to know people, chatting, and laughing a lot! She is very excited to get to know each camper and spend the summer growing together and learning more about Jesus and having fun with the kids. Jaden also loves mixing up a good latte and adding lavender to anything whenever she can.



Jed is from Spokane, Washington and he is ecstatic to be in Texas for the summer! He will be one of the lifeguards and will be sporting a sombraro while on duty. He is psyched to apply what he has learned in this last year of Bible school during this camp season (and get a sweet tan while doing so). Jed’s favorite snacks are Twizzlers, red Pop Rocks, or any other candy that’s as red as his hair.



Born in Michigan but raised in the lush state of Missouri, Jessi came to Texas for Bible school and studied at His Hill for two years! Since January, she has spent her time in the tropical state of Hawaii. She is beyond excited to serve and pour into the lives of the campers this summer and show the kids the importance of knowing Christ as their life. Jessi enjoys surfing, avoiding gluten like the plague, and kicking around a fresh soccer ball with friends.



Josie was born and raised in the swamps of Lousiana and has been in Texas the last two years for Bible school! Josie is ecstatic to be returning for a second summer of camp and be in cabin instead of behind the camera. She is excited to pour out Christ to the many campers coming this summer and share with them how good our God is. Josie loves to hangout with friends, snap pictures of nature, and soak up the fresh air. If you need to find her, look for the golden yellow hoodie or coral bathing suit and bucket hat.



Justin is from the great state of Texas! He just finsihed a year of Bible School at Portentorches in Costa Rica where his love for God grew so much. He is so excited to share Christ and the love of Christ with the campers this summer. Justin loves to hunt, fish, do anything outdoors whenever he has free time, and bang on any nearby instrument (ask him to play the Pirates of the Carribbean theme song on piano and he probably will).



Justine is from the volunteer state, Tennessee! This is Justine’s second summer serving as a counselor at His Hill and she is elated to be back and share the love of Christ with the kids this summer! Justine graduated from Patrick Henry College and then worked in Washington DC this last year. She loves numbers and history, is never far away from chapstick, and enjoys peaches and mountain air. If you need to find her this summer, check the lifeguard chair or pool.



Katie just finished her second year at His Hill and is excited to be at camp again this summer! She is looking forward to meeting all the campers and sharing how good God is with the kids that come to camp! Katie comes from Canada and loves all flowers, hiking, and sports. If you want a master flower crown made, you know who to ask.



Lindsey just finished her second year of Bible school at Ravencrest Chalet in Colorado. She loves the outdoors, sports, and crafts. Lindsey is so excited to share Jesus with the campers and spend time with them in the pool, making bracelets, or playing games. Lindsey is always down for an impromptu dance battle. Ask her to do the Charleston and she won’t be able to resist.



Madi is from a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada! She just graduated from His Hill in May and is stoked to share what she has learned this last year with the campers. Madi thoroughly enjoys spontaneous car rides, mini marshmallows, and is always on the lookout for an adventure. Ask her to sing the Canadian national anthem and she probably will.



Morgan hails from Jacksonville, Florida! She is a pro at handling sunshine and downs vanilla soft serve ice cream like no ones business. She just completed her first year of Bible school at His Hill and will be attending college in the fall for counseling foster kids. If you need to find her, look for the hopping counselor at tower with the big smile and bright eyes.



Nathan is from Jacksonville, Florida! He likes spending his time surfing it up at the beach and basking under the blazing sun. Crab legs and lemons are his favorite snack. He also enjoys hangouts with his friends and adventuring. He just completed his first year at His Hill and he is thrilled to share with the campers this summer how He saw the Lord work in his life and how he can work in theirs. If you need to find him this summer, look for the tie-dye shirts and “drip” baseball cap.



Patrick is from Switzerland and he is pumped to be back for a second summer at His Hill after four years back in Europe. He is excited to share Christ’s love and joy with the campers. He loves all kinds of sports, hanging out with people, playing board games, and handing out bars of swiss chocolate. His favorite name to go by is Swiss Mix (ask him how to say it the proper way and he will gladly tell you)!



Sam is from just a hop and a skip away in Comfort! Sam grew up coming to camp here and is elated to serve as a part of our staff at long last. Sam just completed his first year of Bible school and he is ready to apply what he has learned this last year during the summer season. You’ll never see him without a baseball cap adorned upon his head and, if you want to make him happy, give him some Goldfish.



Samantha is from the great land of Texas. She is returning for her fifth summer and feels immensely blessed and excited to be back again! She loves the constant energy of camp life and can’t wait to see how Christ is seen this summer! Samantha likes having access to flannels, doing motions for camp songs, and quoting old Victorian literature.



Sami is from East Tennessee! Sami served here three years ago as a wrangler and just graduated with a degree in chemical engineering. He enjoys ultimate frisbee, filling up his National Parks Passport, North Carolina BBQ, and learning Italian in his spare time. Sami plans to attend Bodenseehof in the fall and pursue med school after that. He is grateful for the opportunity to do camp again and is looking forward to sharing Christ with the campers over the summer.



Originally from the Great Lakes, Savanna now resides in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in Missouri. She just completed one semester of Bible school at His Hill and is now looking forward to a fantastic summer season talking about Jesus and God’s word with the campers. Silky chickens, alpacas, cows, and any plant bring her joy. Someday she hopes to run her own farm but, for now, she is content catching toads in Texas.



Ty is from Alberta, Canada! He just finished his first year at His Hill and is psyched to apply this summer what he’s learned this last year. Ty loves America, wearing cowboy boots, and savoring frozen lemonade. If you need to find him this summer, you can locate him on tower (probably at the Screamer screaming) or in the pool! Ty answers best to those calling him when he is refered to as Captain America.