Our Counselors

A distinguishing mark of His Hill is our counseling and support staff. The majority of our summer volunteers have already spent nine months with us in our Bible School discipleship program or at another Torchbearers Center. Rather than recruiting at college campuses, we know who we’re hiring on a personal level. Furthermore, as volunteers our staff are not here for the money—they truly desire to teach your kids about Jesus Christ.

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Abby is from Ontario, Canada! She’s super excited to be back for her second summer of camp and can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store! Abby was a student at His Hill prior to her first summer on staff but spent this past year back home in Ontario. Abby loves being outside at the beach, camping, or going for a hike. Some of her other favorite things include playing hockey, sipping chilled coffee, watching sunsets, and polaroids.



This tall guy is from B.C. Canada, and he just finished one year of Bible school with us! Liam is so excited to share what the Lord has been teaching him and the simple truths of the gospel. Liam’s not used to the hot Texas sun but he will persevere with a smile, and a full water bottle. In his free time he likes to hang out with friends and go down to the river. If you want to make him happy give him a HIGH five (if you can reach).



Will is from just up the road in Boerne, TX! He is an aspiring professional angler and a future pewee football coach. Will just finished his first year here at the hill and is pumped to share and apply all that he has been taught, as well as encourage campers in the love of Christ! Will loves anything that involves the great outdoors, but especially fly fishing, and days down at the Texas coast. If you want to get him excited ask him about breakfast tacos, or his “special talent”.



Lillian, a Texan from north Dallas, is super excited for an awesome summer here at His Hill Ranch Camp! She loves music and volleyball and enjoys hammocking in the sun. Having been a previous camper, Lillian is hyped to reach out to others about Jesus and is looking forward to finishing her first year as a student in the upcoming fall!



Adam is from Beautiful British Columbia, and is feeling ecstatic about being a counselor this summer! He just finished a year of Bible School and is excited to share with the campers all the amazing Gospel truths he’s learned this past year. Adam enjoys creating and listening to music, dirt biking, and all kinds of sports (volleyball being his favorite)! He cannot wait to meet and hangout with all the campers that will be coming here this summer!



Alita is from Cochranton, Pennsylvania! She will be coming to the Hill as a first year student in the fall and is so excited to see where the Lord will take her from there! She loves to read, spend time with family and friends, and do anything outdoors. She is so excited to be able to be a part of this summer that is bound to be filled with lots of joy and lots of Jesus!



Rachel is a Texan, born and raised in San Antonio! She just finished her first year of Bible school up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado at Ravencrest Chalet. She loves the great outdoors and some of her favorite things are being in ANY body of water, drinking a good latte, and finding a hike with a great view! She’s stoked to be back in the Texas heat and serving the Lord by teaching His little children the Word of God this summer!!



Ian is from the south, not Texas, but south Louisiana! He has attended camp here since he was 9 years old, and just finished up a phenomenal first year of Bible School with us. Ian’s back to volunteer for a second summer, and is excited to share Christ in every opportunity he’s given. He loves to get excited when it matters, but is always ready to sit down and have a man to man conversation.



Emma is from Lynden, Washington! She just finished her first year of Bible School, and is thrilled to be here for camp! Emma has learned so much this year, and is so excited to share about Jesus! She loves hiking, crocheting, and crunchy red grapes. You’ll find her when you see blonde curly hair (but don’t mistake the back of her head for Anderson)!



Cason is a proud Floridian from Jacksonville! He loves playing sports, hanging out, and opening God’s Word and pondering what it means for life. He is so pumped for the summer, and excited to have fun and tell kids about Jesus! You can spot Cason (a.k.a C4) sporting a hat and sunglasses around campus. He just wrapped the first year program at His Hill Bible School. Next year, Cason will be studying at Columbia International University!



Eleanor just finished her first year at Bible School and is a born-and-raised Oregon girl! She’s so excited about camp and this unique opportunity to impact children’s lives. She’s delighted to simply be with the campers this summer, whether that’s during meals, at the pool, in the cabin, etc.! Eleanor loves the water, so you can find her at the river, the pool, or just outside!



Jordyn is from British Columbia, Canada! She just finished a semester at Capernwray Harbour Bible School and is excited to practice what she has learned and share the love of Christ with the campers this summer! Her favorite things are being outdoors, spending time with friends, and iced coffee! Here’s a fun fact about Jordyn: most campers will probably be taller than her!



Andrew is a native Texan who has completed two years of Bible School! He is a tower instructor and former member of the media team from summer of ‘23. Andrew is so excited to tell campers about the incredible life found in Jesus Christ. He loves to laugh, enjoys spending time with his friends, and is so excited to see the Lord working throughout camp this summer!



Summer is from Spokane, Washington! She enjoys long boarding, hiking, and sipping on iced mochas. She’s ecstatic to put into action what she’s learned this year at His Hill, and share the love of Christ to all the campers! You’ll find Summer down at the archery range shooting bullseyes and cheering kids on!



Dawson is from the cold arctic of BC, Canada. He just finished his first year of Bible School and is coming back for his second year in the fall! Dawson loves playing soccer and loves the Lord! He cannot wait to meet all the campers and is excited about what the Lord has in store this summer!



Nathan is a Texan who forgets he is a US citizen. He grew up around His Hill, attended camp as a child, and is now super excited to be in the position of counselor! Nathan just finished his first year at His Hill Bible School and looks forward to sharing Christ and what it looks like to live the Christian life. He is commonly known as “grandpa” or “dad”. He loves coffee (a little too much), motorcycles, and “the horses”!



Ethan is from Alberta, Canada. He will be attending school at the Hill come this fall. He’s been apart of camps back home all his life but is super excited to see how the Lord can use him in a new environment. Ethan loves all things sports. If you’re looking to play some basketball or rally a volleyball go find Ethan.



Originally from the Great Lakes, Savanna now resides in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, Missouri. She spent a spring semester at His Hill, and summer 2023 as a camp counselor here! She is goosin to be back for another summer sharing Christ with campers and getting to see how Jesus works in the lives of campers and staff alike. Talking about her Savior, seeing kids conquer tower, silkie chickens, alpacas, cows, and any plant brings her joy. Someday she hopes to run her own farm, but, for now, she is content catching toads in the Texas sun!



Sam Morris grew up in Boerne Texas, and was a camper at His Hill Ranch Camp for twelve years. He just finished his second year of Bible School and is back for his second summer as a counselor! Sam is thrilled to see what this new summer holds and what the Lord is going to do! He anticipates getting to know the campers, and sharing with them the gospel and love of Christ.



Anna is a born and raised Texan! She finished her second year of Bible School here at His Hill in December, and while she did camp two years ago, she just couldn’t bear the thought of staying away. So she’s returned for another spectacular summer! She would simply melt for a freshly picked Fredericksburg peach but enjoys most any fresh fruit or veggies. If you see a newly made Greek salad on a picnic table or a kite in the sky, you know she’s bound to be near.



Ashlyn is from Dallas, Texas and is excited to be back for her second summer! She did two years of Bible School here and just finished up her first year of college in Colorado! Some of her favorite things include volleyball, coffee, and being out in the sun! She’s so excited to be back with the kids to tell them of the love Christ has for them!



Austin is from Aldergrove British Columbia! He just wrapped up his first year of Bible School at the hill and learned so much! He’s hyped to have the opportunity to share everything he’s learned this past year and shine Jesus’ Light to the campers! Austin loves sports (he says hockey is the best, hands down), music, hanging out with friends, and making people laugh! You know you’ve found him when you see a guy with a nice flow, rockin’ a Bass Pro Shop hat!



Caleb Bergmann is from the frigid tundra of Victoria B.C. Canada. He has just finished an incredible first year of Bible School and is sooooo stoked to spend this summer at camp ministering to the campers! In his spare time he loves to figure out how things work and pushing limits on his dirt bike. If you see him with his head winched toward the sky and spinning around in circles, don’t worry he’s just looking for an airplane flying over head!



Bryn is from San Antonio, Texas. This will be her third full summer volunteering at His Hill Ranch Camp! She went to His Hill Bible School from 2021-2022 and has been attending Patrick Henry College in Virginia since then. She is working towards a Classical Liberal Arts degree with a Biblical Studies minor and will be returning as a Junior this fall. Bryn loves painting and scrapbooking in her free time! She prefers watercolor and acrylic paint, but is willing to try a variety of mediums. Bryn loves Texas hill country and culture and is excited to be sharing her love of Christ with campers this summer!



Avery is from Hockley, Texas and she just finished her first year at Bible School. She can’t wait to get to share everything she has learned with campers and watch them grow in their love for Jesus. Avery loves sunflowers (as well as anything else that is yellow), painting with watercolors, reading, and eating chocolate ice cream!



While the long curly hair might make you think California surfer, Anderson is actually a farmer from Foremost, AB Canada! He just finished an amazing year of school here at His Hill! He is fired up to do camp, and see how the Lord is going to work this summer! Anderson loves to play sports, hang out with the fellas, and spend time catching rays by the pool! If you see a massive yellow Yeti water bottle laying around you know Anderson is close by!



Rosie is from southeast Missouri. She just finished up a year at Bible School, and is so excited for campers to arrive! Rosie loves coffee, reading, campfires, and watermelon. She can’t wait to share what she has learned about Jesus and what He has done in her life, in the midst of doing all sorts of fun camp things!