Our Counselors

A distinguishing mark of His Hill are our counselors and support staff. The majority of our summer volunteers have already spent nine months with us in our Bible School discipleship program. Rather than recruiting at college campuses, we know who we’re hiring on a personal level. Furthermore, as volunteers our staff are not here for the money—they truly desire to teach your kids about Jesus Christ.

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Charity Dueck


Charity graduated high school June of 2018 and that summer she worked for Youth for Christ. Working for this organization influenced Charity’s decision in coming to camp. Charity also just finished her first year of Bible school at His Hill and is excited to share what God is teaching her!

Erin Foster

Texas, USA

Erin just spent the last nine months, which have been the best nine months of her life, being poured into by her heavenly Father and the people around her at Bible School. Erin knows God wants her to be serving this summer, and she’s looking forward to seeing all that He wants to accomplish through her!

Elizabeth Heinz

Texas, USA

This is Beth’s second summer as a counselor here at His Hill Ranch Camp. She is so excited to pour out Christ’s love to all of the campers. Beth’s hope is that when they look at her that they will see Christ. 

Johanna Hoffmann


Johanna finished school in 2017 and came summer of 2018 to help as a wrangler here at His Hill Ranch Camp. Those few months had a big impact on Johanna, which made her decide to return for one semester of Bible school as well as come back for a second summer. Johanna is very excited to share Christ, encourage others, and help wherever God puts her.

Alex Hollermann

Minnesota, USA

Alex just finished his first year of Bible school at Timberline Lodge in Colorado. He loves the outdoors, hiking, kayaking, volleyball, you name it! Alex is looking forward to being here at His Hill and having fun with all the kids.

Patrick Inglin


After a couple years of working, Patrick took the opportunity to spend this past year in Bible school at His Hill to learn more about Jesus and His Word! Patrick wants to apply what he has learned in school and give the kids hope and love no matter what situation they are in.

Jessica Joseph


Over the last nine months Jessica has been attending the first year Bible School program at His Hill. She is excited to share the peace and joy that is found in a life lived in the Lord with this year’s campers. Jessica could never plan an adventure that could ever come close to comparing with what the Lord has planned. His ways are good, and she is thrilled beyond measure to see all that He will do this summer.

Christopher Ko

Arizona, USA

Chris is 19 years old, he loves traveling and speaking Spanish. He recently spent 10 months living in Costa Rica, learning Spanish, working with ministries, and serving Jesus. Chris came to camp to continue serving in a new way for Jesus Christ.

Tobias Kolb


Tobi is 23 years old and went to Bible School in Australia in 2017. This past year Tobi has worked at a strawberry and apple farm. For this summer God placed it on his heart to serve at His Hill Ranch Camp and he is super excited about it.

Pia König


Pia is 18 years old and has been a student at His Hill this past year, she absolutely loved it! Pia fell in love with Texas as soon as she arrived in September, and she is so thankful for how the Lord has orchestrated things for her to stay for camp. It is an awesome opportunity to serve the Lord through loving and investing in the kids that are coming to camp. Apart from this, Pia loves to have fun in the sun!

Austin Kuhn


Austin is excited to be a part of this ministry again! He served here last summer as well as attended Bible school 2016-2018. This past year Austin has been working and volunteering at his home church in youth and worship ministry.

Katie Lau


This is Katie’s first summer volunteering at His Hill Ranch Camp. She loves adventure and being with kids. Katie is excited for the summer to be filled with laughter and the constant learning of our Lord.

Clint Lewis

Texas, USA

This past year Clint completed the one year Bible School program at His Hill. He grew up in San Antonio and was a camper at His Hill for the past 11 years. Clint enjoys being in the outdoors and loves hunting and fishing. He is so excited for camp and to see what the Lord will do throughout this summer. 

James Peters


Between James’ first and second year at His Hill he spent the summer farming in Saskatchewan, Canada. James felt that His Hill is where the Lord has him to continue to grow and shape him through camp. The Lord knows that James can’t do camp on his own and that he will have to rely on Him for his strength.

Abigail Pettibon


Being able to attend His Hill Bible School this past year was such a blessing for Abby. She grew up in the Dallas area with 10 other siblings on a small hobby farm. Her love for kids and Christ has grown throughout the years, and what better way to see Christ work than here at camp! Abby is looking forward to sharing Christ’s love with the campers and having a blast together.

Erin Phinnemore


The past two years Erin has been at Bible School and knows that this is where the Lord wants her to be this summer. Erin has always loved kids, and she can’t wait to see what the Lord does in their little hearts. She also loves anything to do with the outdoors and sports of all kind.

Teahna Reimer


Teahna just finished a year of Bible school, she loves kids and felt the Lord calling her to camp! She enjoys the sun, the river, horses, and singing camp songs with lots of actions. 

Chandler Sims

South Carolina, USA

Chandler is from Florence, South Carolina and he graduated high school in June of 2018. This past year, Chandler attended His Hill Bible School. He is a huge fan of the outdoors as well as poetry and music. One of Chandler’s favorite things is hammocking out in the woods someplace and reading. He is quite excited for this summer as it is the perfect opportunity to apply what he has learned at Bible School.

Tymon Skaines

Texas, USA

Tymon was born in Fredericksburg, Texas, then moved to Pennsylvania for the majority of his childhood. He later returned to Texas for the latter years of High school. Tymon attended one year of Bible school at His Hill and volunteered four summers on staff. While being here, Tymon has been learning about the provision of Christ and His centrality in his life.

Autumn Steele

California, USA

Autumn is 19 years old and was a Bible school student this past school year at His Hill. She loves the beach and enjoys surfing, volleyball, and tennis. Autumn is here to glorify the Lord and to be used by Him to love and to serve others.

Gabriel Thomas

Texas, USA

Gabe was born in Ohio, grew up up in Colorado, and then moved to Texas. He enjoys all things outdoors and many sports as well. Gabe went to camp for 5 years, and then attended a semester of Bible school at His Hill. This summer he is excited to share God’s word and show God’s love to all the kids coming. He is also excited to fellowship and have fun all summer long!

Mara Thomas

Texas, USA

Mara started coming to camp in 8th grade, and spent the last year at Ravencrest Chalet Bible School. Mara is excited to be a counselor this year, to share in the privilege of having fun with and sharing the love of Jesus with the campers. 

Amber Yarbough

Texas, USA

Amber just finished up with a year of Bible School in Costa Rica, learning Spanish, and exploring how God works in different cultures. She has been a camper at His Hill for ten years now, and has always wanted to impact kids’ lives in the way that hers was!