COVID-19 Update

Of the many “birth-rights” that a Christian possesses as a child of God, peace is one of the most significant and least appreciated. The Bible emphasizes its importance constantly. The Jewish people to this day greet each other with “Shalom” (peace) and pray longingly for it. Jesus is our peace. Therefore, we can always, in all circumstances, walk in peace as we walk with Jesus and abide in Him. In the turbulent uncertainty of these days, the world needs to see and know what we have. I pray that we, as God’s people, will manifest what we possess (peace), giving witness with our lives and words to the peace that is available through faith in Christ.

Summer Camp | May 19, 2020

With great anticipation, we watched Governor Abbott’s press conference yesterday and with excitement, we share with you the good news of His Hill Ranch Camp’s ability to continue this summer!

Our reworked safety and health guidelines will be implemented this summer to make camp truly a highlight of the summer. We believe God has an awesome summer planned for us and our campers and can’t wait to share these memories together!

Please continue to pray for our state and nation to heal and return to the Lord during this time of fear. As Christians we have the honor of being ambassadors of Christ leading by the example of faith, as Paul reminds us in Colossians 2:6, “As you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him.”

Finally, be on the lookout for further information that will be sent/posted regarding our updated policies and procedures for camp this summer. Thank you for your supernatural patience and endurance with us this during these last couple of months; they have been trying and difficult but God has been working in our waiting to renew our love for Him and to prepare an unforgettable summer!

Updated Dates for Camp

Unfortunately, we have had to change some dates for our 2020 camp schedule. We have combined our four elementary weeks of camp into two. Day Camp has been moved to June 28-July 3. Parents of any registered campers for the canceled/moved weeks will be contacted and given the option to move to another week. If unable to move weeks, parents will be given a full refund including their deposit.

  • Updated Schedule:
    • Elementary Week 1 — June 21-26
    • Day Camp — June 28 – July 3
    • Junior High 1 — July 5-10
    • High School — July 12-17
    • Junior High 2 — July 19-24
    • Elementary Week 2 — July 26-31
  • Canceled:
    • Elementary week 2 — June 28-July 3
    • Elementary week 4  — August 2-7
  • Moved:
    • Day Camp has moved to June 28-July 3 (was August 10-14)

Updated Refund Policy
Due to COVID-19, we will refund your deposit(s) up to two weeks before your camper’s week of camp. If you cancel within the two weeks of your camp session, only the deposit will be retained. Full refunds will be given if we are required by the government to cancel camp.

Here is what to expect for your child while at camp…

  • Hand sanitizer is provided in the dining room for meals and snack bar
  • Proper sanitation available at activities (camp, hilltop, or in meadow) 
  • If a camper displays symptoms relating to the virus we will immediately isolate camper in our guest housing, ensuring personal care as much as possible, and will notify families for pick up.
  • RN and Camp Health Officer are on site and on call 24 hours a day
  • Daily intensive cleaning of highly trafficked areas
  • Sanitization of cabins in between each camp session

All of these guidelines at His Hill Ranch Camp would be practiced with or without COVID-19’s presence in our lives, but we understand the sensitivity to the threat and want to reassure you that we will do everything possible for the overall well being of your child while they are here at camp.

Connor Patterson
Camp Director

Bible School |March 21st, 2020

With increased uncertainty with how long the COVID-19 situation is going to last, and with the strong recommendations from each country for their citizens to return home, we have made the decision to remain closed for the remainder of the semester and have asked all guests to return home.

We are continuing school through online classes and daily video meetings with our students.

God is good!

Charlie McCall


We are so sorry that we had to cancel the 2020 Ladies Retreat. All other retreats for the spring have been canceled. We are still planning to host retreats this fall.

In the midst of this rapidly evolving situation, we know the Lord is fully sufficient to lead us in His joy and life! May each of us continue to have our eyes fixed on Christ.