2020 His Hill Summer Volunteer Application

Application form mandatory for all volunteers over the course of the summer whether all summer or just a week.
  • * required
  • Personal Information

  • Emergency Contact Information

  • Job Background

  • Church Background

    Please put N/A if not applicable to you.
  • Autobiographical Sketch

  • Personal Background Information

  • Temperament Evaluation

    Please complete the following:
    1=Low , 5=High
    1=Low , 5=High
    1=Low , 5=High
    1=Low , 5=High
    1=Low , 5=High
    1=Low , 5=High
    1=Low , 5=High
    1=Low , 5=High
    1=Low , 5=High
    1=Low , 5=High
    1=Low , 5=High
    1=Low , 5=High
    1=Low , 5=High
    1=Low , 5=High
    1=Low , 5=High
  • His Hill Statement of Faith

    Please read over carefully and sign your first and last name at the bottom of your acceptance of the following statements.
  • Volunteer Information

    We prefer for our full time summer volunteers to commit to being with us for an entire summer including staff training: May 27-August 16, 2019. Exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the Camp Director.
  • Availability - Camp Dates: May 25- August 14, 2020
  • Social Media

    Applicants with a Facebook or Instagram account may receive a friend request from "Connor Patterson", our Camp Director or "His Hill Ranch Camp". Please accept the request.
  • Criminal Background Check

    INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS: Must submit a hard copy of an official background check by their country of residence. The document cannot be dated prior to May 27, 2018. AMERICAN APPLICANTS: The Texas Department of State Health Services requires summer camps to perform criminal background checks on all summer volunteers.
  • If this applies to you, please type your name below. (If not, answer N/A)
  • f this applies to you, please state the felony(s) committed, date committed, and if convicted. (If this does not apply to you answer N/A) *NOTE: Disclosure of felonies does not necessarily preclude you from staff consideration.
  • I have reviewed the questions on this form carefully and have answered them truthfully. I authorize with my electronic signature below for His Hill Ranch Camp to perform all necessary background checks.
  • Please send a current photo of yourself to the following email: [email protected] *Current His Hill students are exempt.

  • Reference Forms

    3 completed Reference Forms are required for 1st time volunteers; returning volunteers are required to have 2 completed references. The Reference Form must be completed by a pastor, employer, youth director, or friend not associated with His Hill, who has known you for at least one year and is over the age of 18. No family members please.
  • https://hishill.org/camp/volunteer/volunteer-reference-form/

Please continue on below to complete the medical form…

Summer Staff Medical Form 2020

All applicants must fill this out before volunteering with us.
  • If parent cannot be reached
  • Insurance Carrier

    His Hill provides insurance as secondary coverage
  • Health History

    Check yes or no if you ever had in the past or are presently being treated for any of the following conditions:
  • Immunization

  • Activity and Treatment Authorization

    This health history is correct so far as I know, and give my consent to engage in all school/camp/athletic activities, except as noted by me and my physician. I hereby give permission to the staff at His Hill to secure and administer medical treatment, as they deem appropriate, including hospitalization. I also give my permission to the medical personnel selected by His Hill to order x-rays, routine tests and treatments. If hospitalized, I give permission for the His Hill staff to act on my behalf, and represent my family in their absence.
  • I authorize with my electronic signature for His Hill Ranch Camp. (Signed by student/summer staff above 18 years old. Parent/guardian signed if applicant is under 18 years old)
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY