EST. 1976

Through weekly overnight and day camp sessions, enjoy traditional activities, engage with Christ-centered staff, and study God’s Word for the purpose of learning what it means that Christ is life.

Why Choose His HIll

His Hill’s central purpose is to encourage every camper to engage in a living relationship with Jesus Christ and to know the fullness of His indwelling life. While this is the overarching purpose of daily activities, we make a concentrated effort to present Christ to young people through chapel times and cabin devotions, both of which are held twice daily by our staff.



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our Counselors

Another distinguishing mark of His Hill is our counselors. The majority of our summer volunteers have already spent nine months with us in our discipleship program. Rather than recruiting at college campuses, we know who we’re hiring on a personal level. Furthermore, being volunteers, our staff are not here for the money—they truly desire to teach your kids about Jesus Christ.

A background check is run on every volunteer, and we have two weeks of staff training before camp begins.


"We love His Hill. It has made a huge difference in my family and has brought all of us closer to Jesus." 

-Judi A., parent 

"We appreciate everyone at His Hill and the fact that it's an affordable option for a single parent household like ours. We are so happy that we've found His Hill!" 

-Julie R., parent

"This summer will be my 3rd year with my little sister and best friend. Every year is a blast and we enjoy it! So much fun!!! Good food, fun activities, comfy cabins, and it is all about the Lord!!!"

-Gianna, camper

"We LOVE His Hill & the staff! My children are very excited! And one wants to be a counselor for His Hill in the future!"

-Krystin M., parent

"We are so thankful to have had an opportunity like this one to send [our child] to camp. He wanted to go back this year, so this speaks volumes of his past years' experiences. I truly am grateful for the Bible teaching he receives...and he always says how interesting and good it is. He also has a great time and came back so happy and with new friends. Praise the Lord!" 

-Jill K., parent


Located in Comfort, Texas, our property stretches across 200 acres of rolling hills, marked with oak and pecan trees, the Guadalupe River, and abundant wildlife. The campus is nestled in the serene country atmosphere just 35 minutes outside San Antonio, providing a genuine life-in-the-country feel!