Meet our 2016 counselors

  • Amanda

    Lancaster, Pennsylvania

    Amanda loves hanging out with her family, outside activities, animals, and eating ice cream. She will be an archery and riflery instructor this summer.

  • amber

    Adkins, Texas

    Amber grew up coming to camp, and has volunteered as summer staff before as a housekeeper and kitchen assistant. This past school year she was a His Hill Bible school student. Amber likes camping and playing her ukulele. She is very excited for this upcoming summer of camp, and will be a crafts and tower instructor.

  • brian

    Laramie, Wyoming

    Brian was a student at his Hill from 2012-2013. Currently, he is a business student at the University of Wyoming. Brian loves fly fishing, hunting, and all other such activities.

  • christian

    Ulm, Germany

    Christian was a student at the Torchbearer school "Portantorchas" this past school year. He will be moving to Black Forest, Germany after this summer, and loves driving both two and four wheelers.

  • elise

    Argyle, Wisconsin

    Elise was a Bible school student here at His Hill this past year. Coming from the cheese state, she has enjoyed experiencing Texan culture over the last 9 months. Elise attended other Bible camps growing up, and finds it a privilege to now switch from being a camper to serving as a camp counselor. She is excited to see all that the Lord will do this summer.

  • hanna

    Pinsdorf, Austria

    Hanna completed a year of Bible school here at His Hill this last year. She loves hiking in the mountains, swimming, being with people, working with animals, reading books, skiing, biking, gardening, and other outside activities. Her favorite snack is “Mannerwafferl” (an Austrian candy that she is happy can be found at HEB). Since being at His Hill, she has found a love for 2-stepping and a love for her Bible.

  • jared

    British Columbia, Canada

    In 2014 Jared attended the Torchbearer school Tauernhof, in Austria, completing their Upward Bound program. This past year, he completed a year as a student at His Hill. Jared loves hunting, fishing, and hiking. He will be working at the tower activities this summer.

  • jessica B.

    Stanley, Iowa

    Jessica grew up on a farm, and loves swimming, fishing, and playing any kind of sport. She was a student at His Hill this past school year, and will be one of our lifeguards this summer.

  • jessica M.

    Sulphur, Louisiana

    Jessica was a student at His Hill this past school year, and she will be attending Columbia International University in the fall. Jessica loves Texas! (and food - a lot!)

  • john

    Brisbane, Australia

    In April 2015, John set off on a backpacking journey through Eastern Europe for 3 and a half months. After that, he went to Portantorchas for 2 semesters of Bible school. Over the 2 month Christmas break, John traveled to Nicaragua, Panama, and Columbia. John is excited to be here this summer, and to serve as a counselor.

  • jordon

    Gilbert, Arizona

    Jordon was a student at the Torchbearer center Portantorchas this last year. She loves to sing an laugh a lot! Jordon is so grateful to be able to serve this summer and is excited to see how the Lord will be working through camp this summer.

  • Kayce

    San Antonio, Texas

    Two years ago, Kayce was a Bible school student at Portantorchas. This past year, Kayce completed her second year of Bible school at His Hill. She grew up attending camp here, and being a summer volunteer. This is Kayce’s second summer of being a counselor, and her first year being a bus driver. She is excited to spend this summer with your kids learning about the Lord!

  • Kyle

    Pipe Creek, Texas

    Kyle grew up coming to His Hill as a camper, and was a student at His Hill this past fall. This will be his 6th year on our summer volunteer staff. Kyle has a heart for youth ministry and is involved with Boerne Young Life during the school year. If the Lord opens the door, he hopes to ultimately do full time ministry.

  • makenzie

    Bigfork, Montana

    Makenzie just finished a year of Bible school here at His Hill, and has recently moved with her parents and younger brother to Alberta, Canada. She enjoys being in the kitchen - cooking and especially baking - as well as being outside. Makenzie is eagerly looking forward to seeing the Lord at work this summer and is excited to meet her campers!

  • Maryann

    Saskatchewan, Canada

    Maryann attended our sister Bible school in Costa Rica this past year, and is planning on attending the University of Regina this coming fall. She loves basketball and puns.

  • matt

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Matt just completed a year of Bible school here at His Hill. Before attending Bible school, he served in the Swiss military for a year. Matt speaks Swiss German, German, French, and English.

  • quinn

    Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

    Quinn attended a Torchbearer school in New Zealand called “The Crossing” in 2013-2014. Next, he completed a second year of Bible school here at His Hill in 2014-2015. Currently, he is a student at Columbia International University. Quinn played ice hockey for 15 years, and will be one of our camp bus drivers this summer.

  • ricky

    British Columbia, Canada

    Ricky was a student at Portantorchas, the Torchbearers center in Costa Rica. He enjoys sports, adventures, outdoors, reading, fishing - anything that requires physical ability. In the past year, Ricky has learned to enjoy being in community. Knowing that he is part of God’s kingdom and that Christ is living through him has brought him joy in all things - both times of trials and prosperity. As Ricky interacts with family, friends, and co-workers, he is excited to love others as God has loved him.

  • rylan

    College Station, Texas

    Rylan just finished a year of Bible school at Portantorchas, in Costa Rica. She is artsy, athletic, and adventurous. Rylan finds joy in a number of activities, but getting to know new people is definitely one of her favorites. Her family describes her as a “strong and courageous flower” and everyday she learns more and more how to use these qualities God gave her to glorify Him. A few of her favorite verses include: Rom. 5:3-5 & 7:15-25, Col. 2:2-3 & 3:16, Gal. 6:14, Phil. 2:3,7-8, 2 Cor. 12:9, and Job 2:3.

  • Sam

    College Station, Texas

    Sam was a missionary kid in Nigeria from 1999 to 2004, and just finished a year of school here at His Hill. He used to play competitive ice hockey in high school. Sam will be an instructor at the archery & riflery activities this summer.

  • summer

    British Columbia, Canada

    Completed a year of Bible school at Portantorchas, the Torchbearer center in Costa Rica, and just finished working there as a staff volunteer for one semester. She likes being outside in the sunshine and also likes musicals.

  • tom C.

    Alberta, Canada

    Tom was a Bible school student at His Hill this past year. He loves hockey and golfing, and will be a lifeguard this summer.

  • tom D.

    British Columbia, Canada

    Because he grew up on a farm/ranch, Tom gained the nickname “Cowboy Tom” while he was a His Hill student this past school year. He was homeschooled grades K-12, and will be a wrangler in our barn this summer.

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