our counselors

Our Summer team consists of resident Bible School staff and seasonal volunteers. The majority of our volunteers have attended our nine-month Bible School program or one of the affiliated Torchbearers International schools, and are personally known to us. All of our team members desire to share Christ's life and have demonstrated a love for our Lord Jesus Christ in accordance with God's Word. Each Staff member must have a completed background check and references before being accepted. Every summer, parents identify our staff as His Hill Ranch Camp's greatest asset. A two-week training period is designed for our summer staff to become educated in camp policies and prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of our camp ministry.

Summer Staff 2018

  • CeCi Butler


    Ceci was a camper at His Hill for thirteen years and this is her second summer as a counselor. Ceci attended Timberline Lodge Bible School in Colorado in 2016-2017. She is now a students at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi studying Kinesiology. Her absolute passion is sharing Christ with others, which is what brought her back here this summer!

  • Catherine Calomeni


    Cat grew up attending His Hill as a camper from the ages of 8-17. She has dedicated the last 4 summers to working at His Hill as media & most recently, a counselor. Cat’s love for camp & the campers lead her to Texas A&M to study elementary education. She was a student at Timberline Lodge Bible School for the 2016-2017 school year. Camp is her favorite time of the year, so she is stoked to get to show Jesus to all the campers. 

  • Nolan Carter


    After completing a year of Bible school at His Hill, Nolan is excited to join us for his second year of camp! He is so excited that God has given him another opportunity to work in the camp ministry here. His hope and prayer for this summer is that God will be glorified at His Hill Ranch Camp, and that everyone who comes will grow and be encouraged in their walk with Him. He also prays that those who don’t know Him will come to have a relationship with Him for the first time. 

  • Elizabeth Decook


    Elizabeth just finished nine months of Bible school at His Hill! She is so excited to see what the Lord has for camp this summer!

  • Ellery Dueck


    This is Ellery’s second summer volunteering at His Hill Ranch Camp. She is expectant to see what God will do in the lives of each child this summer and is so excited to be a part of His work here this season. 

  • Rachel Fait


    Rachel was a Bible school student this past year and is eager to share the truth about Jesus with other people. She loves kids and is so excited for her first summer working at camp. 

  • Elizabeth Heinz


    Elizabeth just finished high school and is joining us for her first summer as a counselor. Elizabeth looks forward to attending His Hill in the fall as a first year student. She is very excited to see how the Lord will work through the campers this summer. 

  • Wade holmes


    This will be Wade’s second summer at His Hill Ranch Camp. He is twenty one years old and has just finished his second year at His Hill Bible School. He is looking forward to sharing with the campers how to know Jesus Christ. 

  • larissa kolb


    Larissa just completed her first year of Bible school at His Hill. Larissa felt the Lord leading her to stay for camp and is excited to see how the Lord will grow and reveal Himself to everyone who comes to camp this summer. 

  • austin kuhn


    Austin just completed his second year as a student at His Hill. He has enjoyed learning about Jesus and growing in His Word. He is excited about this summer to see God do amazing things!

  • Alexandros mitikidis


    Alex just finished his first year of Bible school at His Hill and he wants to share what he learned during his time as a student with the campers this summer. He is very excited to show Jesus through his actions and words!

  • David Mitterbauer


    After recently completing one year of Bible school at His Hill, David is looking forward to serving the Lord and the campers while having fun & growing closer to the Lord. 

  • John O'leile


    This will be John's second summer as a counselor at His Hill. He is extremely excited to see what God will do this summer. 

  • keaton petty


    Keaton just finished his second year of Bible School and he is looking forward to his second summer of being a counselor at His Hill! 

  • Jonas reif


    Jonas just completed a year of Bible school at His Hill. He decided to stay for camp because he felt the Lord leading him to serve in this ministry for this time. 

  • drew schwindt


    For the past year Drew has been taking classes at a local community college, working towards an engineering degree. This summer his wish is to have a great time with campers and point them to Christ as he also grows closer to Christ. 

  • tymon skaines


    Tymon just completed a year of Bible school at His Hill. The Lord set it on his heart to remain where God has placed him. He signed up for camp to tell others about Jesus Christ.

  • karli swanson


    Karli was born and raised in Texas. She has felt God calling her to camp and is excited to serve Him this summer.

  • vera umnova


    For the last two years Vera has been a student at His Hill. She grew up in a missionary home. Vera loves serving the Lord wherever she goes and believes that serving with children at camp is a worthy investment into eternity. 

  • Claudia wall


    Claudia just finished her first year at His Hill Bible School and she felt lead to stay for camp. She’s excited to see God work in campers lives!

  • Nathaniel Kuster


    Nathaniel just finished his first year of Bible school at His Hill. He is very excited to be working in the barn and counseling this summer. He is also excited to see what the Lord is going to do and how He will work in the campers lives.