How much does camp cost?

       • Overnight Camp - $575

       • High School Week - $595

       • Day Camp - $275

What discounts are available?

       • Early Bird Discount - Receive $25 off when you register for camp before March 1st

       • Bring a Friend Discount - $50 off for each friend you invite to camp for their first time. This discount is applied during the week of camp when the invited friend attends (does not apply for Day Camp).

       • Sibling Discount - $50 off each additional sibling (does not apply for Day Camp).

       • Multi-Week Discount - Receive $50 off when you register your child for multiple weeks of camp during the summer. 

How do I register?

       Register online by visiting our webpage: and pay with credit card to complete our "Online Registration Form". Or, print and fill out an application and mail in a $100 deposit. 

       Applications can be downloaded from the website and emailed or mailed in.

Can I pay with a credit card?

        Yes! You can pay with credit card through the Online Registration Form, or over the phone.

        *No credit cards will be accepted on registration night*

What ages are allowed to come to camp?

        The ages for Overnight Camp range from 8-18 years old, but there are a few exceptions. If the camper will turn the minimal age (of the week they desire to come) by November 1st of the same year, they may register for that week. For example: If a camper is 7 years old and will turn 8 before November 1st, they can come to camp! 


Day Camp

Ages for Day Camp range from 6-10 years old.

His Hill:

Drop Off: Monday 8:15am, Tuesday-Friday 8:45am

Pick Up: Monday-Friday 4:45pm

Boerne (at the Boerne Library):

Drop Off: 7:50am

Pick Up: 5:15pm

* Parents MUST supply a packed lunch for each camper during Day Camp*

General Questions

Overnight Arrival/Pick Up:

        • Check in is on Sunday at 6:00pm

        • Closing Ceremonies is in the gym on Friday at 7:00pm (a camp map will be provided at registration)

Can my child request a cabinmate? How many requests can be made?

       Yes, campers can request a roommate as long as the request is mutual. You may request up to two roommates. We do not guarantee roommate requests although we try our best to put friends together. cabin. 

      * Please contact us at or 830-995-3388 if you would like to make a change in your child's cabin roommate request. One of the great benefits of having a camp experience involves meeting and making new friends from different places!

How many campers are in a cabin? What is the camper/counselor ratio?

         Cabins and our "Ark" will house 7-10 campers. There will never be more than 7 campers with one counselor in a cabin. 

Snack Bar:

       $20-$30 is the average amount parents give their camper for snack bar. Any remaining balance is available to claim at closing ceremonies or donate to our summer staff volunteer fund

Can I choose activities for my camper?

     Yes! During registration you will have this opportunity. You may also note on the registration form if there is a particular activity the camper does not wish to participate in. Activities are given on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

Does His Hill accommodate food allergies and/or dietary needs?

        The His Hill kitchen is not a gluten free kitchen. We are unable to personally provide food to accommodate dietary needs such as lactose/gluten intolerance. We do, however, allow parents to provide pre-cooked, clearly labeled food and our Kitchen Manager will gladly reheat the food to serve your child. We appreciate your cooperation! Please contact us with specific questions or requests.

How long has His Hill been a camp?

       1976 was our first summer!

Where are you located?

       Two miles off of I-10 in Comfort—about 35 minutes West of The Rim in San Antonio.

What are the cabins like?

       Rustic, screened in cabins with 4-5 bunk beds. There is no air conditioning so we encourage you to bring a fan for your camper. Since the cabins have shutters with screens the nights often do get cool.

How can I get in touch with my child while they're in camp?

     You may email your children at ($5 is deducted from their snack bar accounts). If there is an emergency, please call the office.

Should my child eat dinner before coming to Sunday's registration?

       Yes. We will not provide a dinner Sunday evening. There will be a snack time later on in the evening. Some dinner options in Comfort include McDonalds, Subway, Chicken Express, and Dairy Queen.

Will my child eat dinner on Friday? 

       Yes! We provide dinner for all campers before our closing ceremony.

How do you hire staff?

       Volunteers mainly consist of our Bible School students (or an affiliated Bible School) that we have known for at least year. All summer staff must fill out an application with a background check and multiple references.