Your children will have the opportunity to participate in six of the eight scheduled activities that we offer. In addition to cabin devotions and chapel, campers also get to learn about the character of Christ Jesus while enjoying exciting activities.

  • Archery

    Campers can participate in the adventurous activity of archery where they learn the parts of the to bow and practice their aim by shooting at targets. Archery brings a sense of adventure in a well monitored and safe environment that teaches kids bow safety and wilderness terrain safety.

  • Canoeing

    Our waterfront-First Aid & CPR certified lifeguards lead canoers down the Guadalupe under the shade of the towering Cypress trees. After J-stroking their way down the river, campers can jump off the giant stump, skip rocks, build dams, catch minnows and “Titanic” their canoes. This camper favorite activity is both fun and relaxing. Campers leave with a better understanding of water safety, canoe technique and an appreciation for the beauty of God's creation.  

  • Horseback Riding

    Campers will learn horsemanship as they participate in trail rides through the meadow. Campers also learn basic vaulting by first practicing on “Big Red,” our stationary "horse." Then they able to perform these tricks in our horse arena while being assisted by our wranglers. Our head wrangler is CHA certified and provides a safe and fun opportunity for the beginner and experienced horseman alike. 

  • Tower Challenge

    Our 40-foot tower is an exhilarating activity that includes rappelling, wall climbing, zip-lines, “The Screamer” and “The Leap of Faith.” Our instructors are rope course certified and all of our equipment is carefully inspected. Campers once afraid of heights have learned what trust looks like in a practical way and have come to find that Christ can be trusted in all things.

  • Swimming

    Our pool provides a fun activity to cool down during the sunny days of summer. Whether campers would like to lounge poolside or complete various challenges such as “Race the Lifeguard”, our swimming activity is a great place to learn new swimming skills under the supervision of our Waterfront- First Aid & CPR Certified lifeguards.

  • Riflery

    A highly supervised, non-competitive environment where campers learn to shoot .22 single shot rifles, enabling them to learn gun and hunter safety while fostering discipline and coordination. Trained counselors instruct participants as they aim for paper targets, which they can bring home with them as a memento and exhibit of their riflery skills.

  • Low Elements

    A fun mix of team building activities in the cool canyon that promotes teamwork, creativity, problem solving, and patience. On the first day campers work together to accomplish challenging tasks while encouraging one another in these endeavors. Challenges like The Wall, Trust Fall, Whale Watch, Tornado Tube, Invisible Map, and the Telephone Pole Shuffle are a few of the many activities of the low elements course.

  • crafts

    Under the cool shade of our craft shack, overlooking the gorgeous canyon, campers are able to participate in various crafting projects. Using their creativity, campers create crafts such as clay-projects, bird feeders, and bracelets.