Student testimonies

Read what past students have learned during their time at His Hill.

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“The Christian life isn’t something that I can live. It is only something Christ can live in and through me. That is why it is called the Christ-ian life.” – Dawson, Canada

"It's not a pattern, it's a principle -> by faith!" —Matthias, Switzerland

"It's Christ in me, working in and through me. He is trustworthy, so I can rest completely in Him." —Elizabeth, Canada

"'From Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to God be the glory.' He is the very dynamic of life and He gave me all that I ever need to have the Christian life. I just have to depend on Christ moment by moment. He is gracious and merciful to be my supply to do His good pleasure for His glory."  —Elise, USA

"I feel like my eyes were opened up to what the Christian life is truly about! It is about a relationship with Him and allowing Him to live His life through me!"  - Rachel, USA

"The Christian life, I am beginning to realize, is one of submission and yielding to Christ constantly." 

Leah, Canada

"It's not me, I can't do anything; but it's by Christ living in me that I can do anything." Natalie, USA

"Because of being here, I have learned for the first time that I wasn't just saved to go to heaven, 

I can have eternal life now." —Brian, USA

"I can't do it, but Christ lives in me and He can do it through me." —Christina, Germany

"I can't live it, He can. Continually dying to self and allowing Christ to live through you. [Col. 1:27]" Tylan, Canada

"Truly realize the power of Christ in me. I no longer need to strive and try my best to live a 'good Christian' life - Jesus does it through me." —Sophie, Canada

"I've learned that my strength is completely from Christ" —Chelsea, USA

“I am less stressed now because I know that I do not have to carry myself to where God wants me to be; either physically, spiritually, or mentally. He is the One that will lead me to where He wants me to be.” – Blessing, Africa

"It's never about me and it's always about Christ" —Kayce, USA

"Christ is the means by which I live the Christian life (or more directly Christ is the Christian life)." —Falaniko, USA 

Would you recommend his hill to others?

"Yes! Because it teaches Christ." —Elizabeth, Canada

"Yes, because I personally grew a lot here and I would want that for anyone." —David, Brazil

“Yes, This is a place that is earnestly seeking Christ and His goodness.” – Ellie, USA

"Of course! Jesus has changed my life here. It is stretching to be stripped of self, but completely humbling and restful to realize the presence of Christ in you - LIFE IS UNLIMITED." —Elise, USA

"Yes! The Hill is a safe and fun environment that challenges/encourages spiritual growth. The classes, outreaches, and fellowship are all so sweet." —Leah, Canada

"Yes, because it changed my life. Everyone should have to do a year of His Hill before going to University." —Tylan, Canada

"Yes! I love that we are saturated in the Word. It is also a great opportunity to experience the teaching styles of many different speakers, and be encouraged by their relationship with Christ." —Kendra, USA

"Yes, I will recommend His Hill, because it was the best year of my life." —Sophia, Germany

 “Absolutely. This is a somewhere I want my friends siblings, parents even to come! Such a great family experience growing together and individually learning about the empowering life of Christ.”

Jodi, Canada

"Yes, it lets you know how real eternity is and how helpless we are without Christ." —Austin, Canada

"I would because it is a place where God's Word is taught and where Jesus changes lives."

Christina, Germany

"Yes, it is a great place to concentrate on getting to know what the Christian life is all about, Christ. You will make great friends and grow spiritually." —Marie-Anne, Africa

"Yes, it is a perfect environment to grow in the Lord without distractions." —Brian, USA

"YES! The teaching is wonderful. I have learned so much and it has changed my life. I know it would change theirs." —Hope, USA

"Yes, it is a place where spiritual growth, not just academics, is lovingly encouraged." —Anne, Canada