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Why a Gap Year?

His Hill offers a gap year Bible School program in which students will hear Bible-based teaching about the fullness of Christ's life in the believer. The goal of our Bible School program is to lay the foundation of what it means to be "in Christ" and how that affects one's day-to-day life. Although some of our students go on into vocational ministry after attending His Hill, many of them go into a secular university or head into the workforce. This program is not exclusive to those looking into "full-time ministry," but it is setup for the layperson to more clearly understand what it means to have a practical, living relationship with our Risen Savior.

An average of 40-50 students enroll in our Bible school program each year. Students have twenty-three hours of in-class Bible teaching each week, taught by both resident and weekly guest teachers. Although most students who attend His Hill have just graduated from high-school we accept students from all seasons of life!

All students will participate in a weekly outreach program and will also be placed in a discipleship group led by a His Hill staff member. Find more information about daily schedules and student life on our student life page.

Apply online for our First Year Program or click here for more information.

Students who have completed the first year program at His Hill or at another Torchbearers center are eligible to enroll in our second year program. This program has 12 class hours each week in which students will take a closer look at topics such as Church History, Hermeneutics (Bible Study Methods), as well as a year-long class on the book of Romans.

Along with the class hours, second year students will participate in various outdoor activities such as running, biking, rock climbing, canoeing, and camping. The purpose is to provide an opportunity to discuss the reality of Christ's life in the believer while participating in outdoor activities beyond the classroom. All of these activities are staff-led and generate great openings for discussion about living the Christian Life alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Second year students also go on a spring break trip to Israel.

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