Weekly Outreach

Students have the opportunity to apply the Truth they are learning through outreach ministry in the local community.  Individuals are assigned according to the need as well as their interest and abilities. Outreaches are designed to train, challenge, and stretch the students as they share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the world around them.

Most outreaches are scheduled on Wednesday afternoons.

  • Kids Bible Clubs
  • Nursing Home Visitation
  • Youth Group Leadership
  • Tutoring (Public Elementary School)
  • Mentoring (Public School)

Fall & Spring Mission Trips

As believers in Christ we have a special gift that everyone should know about. We have something great that we shouldn't keep to ourselves but should share boldly. Let us proclaim the good news of Christ our Savior's life! Mission trips are just one way to share this exciting news.

The Fall Mission Trip, a five day trip at the beginning of October, is part of the regular school program with the cost included in tuition. The trip may involve physical work, church services, evangelism, community outreach and will be fun and full of great blessings. While this trip has proven to enhance the students' relationship with each other, the greater purpose of the trip is to expose the students to the needs of others and to witness first hand how Christ meets those needs through our obedience and service. 

Students have the option of signing up for a Spring Mission Trip, which takes place in March during Spring Break. Some options may include Costa Rica and Nevada. Detailed information about each trip will be sent to you in advance. Possible oppotunities for these trips include various forms of outreach, including community and church involvement, work projects and dramas. Some time will be set aside for various tourist activities. Due to plane tickets needing to be purchased for each trip, you must pay in full at the beginning of the Winter/Spring term. 


A unique opportunity to put classroom lessons into practice awaits those students who finish the school year at His Hill. Mid-May through mid-August, His Hill becomes "His Hill Ranch Camp". Averaging 70-80 children, kids ages 6-18 attend each week for a total of ten weeks. The program is designed as a third term Bible School Practicum possibly enabling credit hours to be applied toward an undergraduate degree, depending on the college and your major.