Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unable to find the answer you are looking for below, please feel free to contact our office.

Are there any additional fees?

No, the totals listed on the fee sheets cover room & board, tuition, books, minor insurance coverage, internet, and airport transportation at the start and end of each term. Optional fees include bike rental deposit, and extra-curricular outings.

Are scholarships available?

We do offer some financial aid, however this aid is dependent on how much donation money we receive in a given year. This donation money is distributed among those who need it who have attended for at least a semester.


Students are encouraged to ask their home church, family, and friends to pray about their financial need. We have often seen the Lord supply and provide for students once have asked their faith communities to pray for them. Even if you can't cover the cost of the full year, we would encourage you to come for the fall and see if the Lord would provide for the winter/spring too. 

Is there an application deadline?

There is no application deadline. Applications are accepted until student accommodations are full. Prospective students are encouraged to apply by the end of June, but applications can be submitted right up until the semester start date if space is available. 

Can guests visit?

Family and friends are more than welcome to visit! Motel rooms and guest houses are available on campus. Friends and siblings may also choose stay in the dorm for up to three nights for $20 per night. Please contact the office for availability and pricing .

Is His Hill accredited?

Many Christian colleges and universities have accepted credit for courses completed here. His Hill is not an accredited school, so there is no guarantee that other schools will accept transfer credits. Columbia International University, Crown College, Grace College & Seminary, Montana Bible College, Boyce College of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Oak Hills Christian College have all developed a transfer agreement with His Hill.


Some students have received up to a full year of credit at a Christian university for attending the first year program at His Hill. Most schools will decide if they will give credit on a case by case basis after evaluating the student’s transcript and class syllubuses from His Hill.

What paperwork is needed for an international student?

Non U.S. citizens will need to complete a financial proof form as part of their application. After acceptance, His Hill issues international students an F1 I-20 form. After this, an I-901 form must then be completed and a $200 fee paid online by the student to immigration.


International students from all countries other than Canada also need to apply for a student visa at the American embassy in their country. The I-20 form must be presented to border officials upon entry into the United States.

Can I send my deposit through a wire transfer?

Room deposits ($500) may be sent via wire transfer to His Hill. For account information please contact the office. You may also choose to send an international bank draft (money order) in U.S. funds.

Where should I fly into?

San Antonio International Airport. His Hill will provide free transportation from the airport for students at 2pm and 5pm on arrival day. Please contact the office to schedule a ride. Airport pickup/drop off at unschedule times is $50.

Is there an age limit for students?

His Hill accepts applications from students who have successfully graduated from High School or possess a GED. His Hill will accept 17 year old students only if they turn 18 during their first term.

What is the average number of students each year?

The student body averages between 40-55 students each semester.

Can a student apply for just one semester?

Yes. It is possible to attend either the fall or winter/spring semester, though you are encouraged to attend the full year if possible. Old Testament courses are mainly covered in the fall semester and New Testament courses in the winter semester. The full year of attendance provides a comprehensive study of the Bible and allows time for relationships on campus and at outreach to more deeply develop.

Where do students attend Sunday church services?

Students may choose to attend any local church body. Transportation is made available to Boerne Bible Church (an Evangelical Free Church), where many of the staff attend. Charlie, our Director preaches there most Sunday mornings. An evening service and fellowship time is held at His Hill for students and staff the first Sunday of each month.

Is it necessary to have a car on campus?

A car is not necessary. Transportation to church, outreach, and Wal-Mart is provided each week. Weekend trips are occasionally planned by the school for opportunities to explore the area. Still, students who can cover the expense of having a personal vehicle on campus appreciate the flexibility of personal transportation. 

Is internet available?

Yes, wireless internet is available for personal laptops at scheduled times in designated areas.

Do I need to bring my own printer?

While students are welcome to bring a printer, it is not necessary. Printing of assignments is available in our office and is included in tuition. Students are allowed to submit handwritten assignments.

Where can I do laundry?

Laundry machines are located in the basement of the main girls' dorm and in a separate building on campus for the boys. Machines are coin operated and change can be made in the office.

Is it possible to obtain a list of students accepted for the upcoming term?

In early July, a list of students and contact info will be emailed in order to make travel arrangements and connect with other students before school begins.

What school supplies are needed?

Students will need supplies for taking notes during classes, therefore we recommend having a binder and lined paper, highlighter and pens. Books and a Bible are included in tuition and will be given to the students on registration day.

How do students spend their free time?

Students spend free afternoons and weekends doing homework, taking part in recreational activities on the property, organizing student events, or venturing off campus to explore the local area. Check out our Student Life page for a list of different student activity options.

Do students get to ride the horses?

Students are able ride when accompanied by our barn manager, Mark Griggs. Mark will offer opportunities to go on a trail ride or do vaulting once every month or so. These rides are free but are dependent on space and when he has time to organize a trip.

Are there work/study positions available? 

There are no work-study positions available. We have had students work in the local town while here. If you do find a job you would want something that is flexible and does not take up all of you homework time. The hours you have available for a part-tome job are weekends and Monday & Tuesday afternoons.


International students are not able to work off campus under the F1 student regulations.

What denomination are you affiliated with?

His Hill is not affiliated with a denomination. We hold to conservative evangelical doctrine. Some of the more common churches that students come from are: non-denominational Bible churches, Evangelical Free churches, Alliance, and Mennonite Brethren churches. Our doctrinal statement can be found here.