New positions

We are happy to announce that in the Fall of 2017, these three lovely students, will be joining us on staff at His Hill. They have recently completed the first and second year programs that are available here. We look forward to having them join us, and seeing what the Lord has planned for them. 


Autumn is 19 years old, and is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She loves to play sports, and has really enjoyed her time here at the Hill. She looks forward to what the Lord will being doing in her life as she walk in what the Lord has planned for her life. 

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House keeper

Rachel is 20 years old, and is from Dallas, Texas. Her passion is being around other people. She is so excited to have this leadership in this role, and to just continue to walk in faith in these next couple of years.

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Elise is 20 years old, she comes from the land of the cheese, Monroe, Wisconsin. She is super pumped to be working in the kitchen along side of Audrey Griggs our head cook.

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